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Genshin Impact: Viewpoints locations guide

The world of Teyvat is rich in pretty viewpoints, and as such there are several places worth mentioning. Viewpoints will also help keep geographical archives of the places you will visit.

Stone Harbor Treasure Journal - Web Event Guide in Genshin Impact

A new event is available this week on the Genshin Impact website which will ask you to take a part-time job in order to get some moras. Players can now join Zhong Li and Tartaglia to perform various tasks from November 13 to 22. Of course, many rewards will be given to the hardest working players!

Genshin Impact Full Version 1.1 patch note

The maintenance for update 1.1 is revealed via an official post from the Genshin Impact team, with the list of new features coming to the game. Find in this article all the latest information on the content and status of the game servers!

Is Tower of Fantasy the next Genshin Impact?

Coming out of nowhere, Tower of Fantasy, a new RPG from China, bears a significant resemblence to the breakout hit Genshin Impact. But will it prove to be a similar hit?


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