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Ghost of Tsushima: Shinto shrines locations

You will have to climb mountains and make good use of the grappling hook to be able to pray and honor shrines in Ghost of Tsushima. The reward is worth it, as you'll get a powerful major charm and wax wood to upgrade your bows. Here is the list and locations of the Shinto shrines.

The Beginner's Guide to Ghost of Tsushima

Here are some of tips, advice and tricks to quickly progress in Ghost of Tsushima and overcome the first difficult hours of the game. We'll go through the open world exploration, the fights, the duels, the equipment upgrades and more.

Ghost of Tsushima Launch trailer

Here is a taste of the adventures and dilemmas that await Jin Sakai, as he tries to defend his island against the Mongol horde.


Ghost of Tsushima: Shrines & Charms

One of the ways to upgrade Jin's abilities in Ghost of Tsushima will be to get your hands on Omamori charms in order to activate passive bonuses. Here's what we know about them.


Ghost of Tsushima: Samurai and Ghost combat system

In Ghost of Tsushima, you can adopt different fighting styles. Some are direct, others are focusing on infiltration and assassinations with special tools and gadgets, different postures and special techniques.


Ghost of Tsushima: Mythic Tales
Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough: All Mongol Artifacts Locations
Ghost of Tsushima: Hidden Shrines Locations

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