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Seasons are coming to Pokémon GO!

Every three months, Pokémon GO will get a facelift with its new Seasons feature. Different creatures, raids, bonuses, events and other themes specific are coming.

Pokémon GO Animation Week 2020 event

Celebrate Pokémon Journeys: The Series with the Animation Week 2020 event in Pokémon GO. You'll find the creatures of Goh and Ash in the wild.

Pokémon GO Halloween 2020 Event is now live

Like every year, Halloween is celebrated on Pokémon GO! With the return of Spiritomb and other costumed Pokémon, check out the special quests, rewards, and bonuses you can get this year. Galarian Yamask is also here!


Four failed Pokémon Go competitors

Pokémon Go was veritable lightning in a bottle when the AR-based mobile title debuted. Unfortunately, the games that came after it haven't been as lucky.

Pokémon GO: September Spotlight Hours

Spotlight Hours make it easier for you to focus on the Pokémon you want as long as it's on the spotlight someday. Those of Septembers have been revealed on Pokémon GO.

Pokemon GO: A Mega Discovery Special Research Guide

A new special research is available on Pokémon GO. Entitled "A Mega-Discovery", it will allow you to make your debut in the world of Mega-Evolution and obtain numerous rewards such as Mega-Energy.


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