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Team Mixwell wins the G2 Esports Valorant Invitational

G2 Esports Invitational was an opportunity to see the full competitive potential of Valorant. That first stage of the Valorant Ignition Series 2020 saw Mixwell and his team win the tournament and the $11,210 cash prize.

Former CS: GO pro Ardiis accused of cheating

With Vanguard, Riot promised us an invasive but effective tool to identify cheaters. Ardis 'ardiis' Svarenieks, a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, was apparently flagged by the system for cheating...

Is Reyna overpowered?

Since her release, Reyna has been wreaking havoc in Valorant, becoming the most popular Agent with the highest winrate — but isn't the Vampire too strong?

Sovereign Collection is available in Valorant shop

In Valorant, as in many other games, you have the opportunity to get cosmetics in exchange for real money. These can be weapon skins, tags or exclusive cards. This week, the Sovereign Pack is available in the game shop.

ScreaM joins the Valorant Pro Division

Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom former pro player on CS:GO is no longer inactive. He has joined the Valorant Pro Division where he'll play with former pros like Mixwell or Kinstaar from the Fortnite competitive scene.

T1 introduces its Valorant Academy roster

After recently completing its Valorant roster, T1 continues its goal to dominate the Riot Games FPS. The organisation has decided to open an academic team, composed of four players for the moment.

Asuna joins Immortals' Valorant team

After T1, TSM and Cloud9, Immortals finally manages to complete its Valorant roster. He joins four other teammates, most of them coming from the CS:GO competitive scene.

A forfeit function soon available in Valorant

Thanks to a datamining of the latest patch, Valorant players have discovered that it will soon be possible to quit a game in case one of your teammates gives up.

Twitch figures for Valorant decline on official release

Valorant made quite an impression when its closed beta was launched, with a historic peak viewership on Twitch. As the weeks went by, its audience declined and the official release couldn't do anything to change that.

Valorant has just deployed a surprise patch

No one was expecting it, and yet Riot Games has just deployed a brand new Valorant patch. The changes don't radically affect the game, but they will improve it before a bigger update expected in the coming weeks.


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