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Riot Games makes available its API

Riot Games makes available its API for Valorant but under conditions. You can already submit your projects on their website.

Valorant team salaries reported to be $15-25k per month

In the world of esports, many professional players are under contract and employed by an organization. According to different sources, a Valorant team is currently costing between $15,000 and $25,000 per month in player salaries.

Bullets could collide in Valorant

It seems that bullets could collide in Valorant. This is extremely rare but may explain some situations where players have blamed lag or lack of skill.

Valorant merch now available in Riot Games shop

Riot Games intends to take advantage of its various games to release a whole series of derivative products. While waiting for the probable figurines, plushies or other mouse pads, the company proposes to pre-order Valorant clothes.

Learn to dominate with our Valorant Ascent map guide

Get to know all about Ascent, the latest map from Valorant, with this guide. Positioning, use of doors, attack, defense, or even BP — there is a lot to say and discover on this Italian-themed map.

G2 recruits Ardiis and completes its Valorant team

G2 Esports continues to recruit great players. After Mixwell, PaTiTek and Pyth, the team welcomes Ardiis into its ranks, cleansed of any suspicion of cheating. The roster is getting more and more frightened.

A Valorant Deathmatch mode in preparation

Every week, Riot Games gathers and answers the most frequently asked questions from the Valorant community. The developers talk about the ban system but also about the future Deathmatch mode.

New Valorant leaked skins

A dataminer has found new Valorant weapon skins. We don't know when they'll be available or even if they ever will be, but still, four collections have leaked.

Valorant: Haven is available again in Ranked

Valorant had announced the withdrawal of Haven from the map pool from Competitive mode due to a bug that called into question the integrity of the game. The latter has been corrected and the map is available again in ranked games.

New weapon accuracy glitch in Valorant

Accuracy is an indispensable feature on an FPS like Valorant. Certain situations can change it as players may have noticed, creating a new glitch.

100 Thieves organises a charity event against racism

The world of video games isn't impervious to the Black Lives Matter movement. While initiatives have multiplied lately, it's the American organization 100 Thieves that will launch its charity event against racism with Valorant, Fortnite and LoL tournaments.

G2 recruits Pyth for its Valorant team

G2 continues to form its Valorant roster. After Mixwell and PaTiTek, it's Pyth — also a former CS:GO player — who joins the team. The organization ensures a high level of recruitment and there are now only two places left to take.


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