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Valorant: T1 announce their Korean roster

The famous organization is building a second roster for Riot Games' FPS — A vote of confidence in Valorant all the more impressive as the game is struggling to take root in Korea.

All about Killjoy, Valorant's 11th Agent

The complete guide to learning how to play Killjoy in Valorant. Discover the skills of the new German agent, her strengths, weaknesses and some tips to play her to the fullest.

A new ping system will soon be implemented to Valorant!

In most online games, communication is essential within a team. If not everyone wants to communicate by voice, a quick way to give information is the communication ping system — and Riot Games should improve Valorant's soon.

Team Liquid pick up ScreaM and fish123 roster

This piece of information was expected, but it's now confirmed. Former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom joined Team Liquid along with the rest of the fish123 roster.

All about the Valorant Act 2 Battle Pass

On August 4, Act 2 will kick off in Valorant. Along with a new agent, the new FFA Deathmatch mode, and a redesign of the rank system, the Battle Pass should be soon made available.

Fnatic isn't expected to pick up a Valorant squad until 2021

The European Valorant scene continues to develop at a much slower pace than in North America. Behind G2 Esports or NiP, other orgs are lagging behind. Fnatic have now said that they likely won't have a Valorant team before 2021.

All about Valorant Season 1 Act 2

Ignition, the first season of Valorant will soon enter Act 2! A new battle pass, the Glitchpop skin line, and the brand new FFA Deathmatch — all you need to know about these new features are in this article!

Valorant: FaZe Clan loses its captain JasonR

Jason "JasonR" Ruchelski won't be with FaZe Clan for very long. The former CS: GO player has decided to leave the structure following internal disagreements. He doesn't give up the competition so far and is looking for a new project.


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