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Luigi's Mansion 3 Walkthrough: Paranormal Productions, Floor 8

Luigi's Mansion 3 Walkthrough: Paranormal Productions, Floor 8

We then go to floor 8 of our Luigi Mansion 3 walkthrough featuring the film studio Paranormal Productions and its little puzzle in search of a ghost director's megaphone.

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Now that we have weeded floor 7 of Luigi's Mansion 3, let's tackle the Paranormal Productions with a series of rather original challenges. To start, go into the first corridor to the locked door and take a look at the television on your left: by flashing it, you will activate it and you will be able to enter it. It will act like a teleport leading you straight to a locker containing the key: use a suction cup to open it, then return to the main door.

On this floor, the ghost director you will meet has lost his red megaphone. Luigi will give him a helping hand. Take a good look at the 4 TVs surrounding him, they are very important for the future. But first, start by entering the 4 rooms (2 on each side of the main room) to activate each teleport. Each of them will bring you back to the director, but once the four screens are on, we will be able to start looking for the megaphone.

Take the bucket right next to the director and go to room 1, the one with the well. Once inside, put the bucket in the well, put Gooigi next to it and move Luigi behind the camera. In this scary atmosphere, let Gooigi interact with the well, a entity will bring you back your bucket, filled with water. Your mission here is over, grab the bucket filled with Luigi, pass through the TV with it, then once in the main room, take the screen just to the left.

Put the bucket on stage, put Gooigi on it too and take the post of director. Before watering the little plant near the destroyed tower, take care of the ghosts who came to war. Don't forget, the shields can be withdrawn with suction cups, and the helmets with the ZL+ZR jump. Once they are out of harm's way, water the magic bean and climb to the top of the tower to recover the extinguished torch. Take it with Luigi and get out of that screen.

Take the next screen with the torch off at the end of your vacuum cleaner and repeat the same process: place it on stage with Gooigi, go behind the camera and observe the flaming city landscape through the lens. Firefighter ghosts are coming in to try to melt you down. Be careful, the fight can quickly turn sour, so grab one quickly and throw it at as many of his colleagues as you can to immobilize them and chain them up. Once the fight is won, light the torch with a burning building nearby and exit through the TV. Then, go to the last screen.

Fourth and last scene to film. Film Gooigi open the cardboard with a suction cup, then take the lit torch to burn the giant spider and the web retaining the megaphone. Swallow it with Luigi and give it back to the director: when he examines your profile, he will realize that you would make a great actor and he wants you in his next film.

Floor 8: Paranormal Productions, Morty's movie

Morty, the director, will make you revisit a great classic of Japanese cinema, with a ghostly remake of Godzilla! Once in the arena, a plastic monster will attack you with large fireballs. Dodge the little red balls, blow on the big blue ones until it returns to its sender. During the Second phase, always dodge the little balls, but once the huge green one is thrown, get Gooigi to help you.

Third and last phase, repeat the same thing, except a small QTE that require you to mash A to conclude the fight. Once Godzilla is down, swallow the basic ghost into your vacuum cleaner. The director will thank you with the elevator button for floor 9.